Shanghai Jinwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Jinwei) is a biotechnology company dedicated to pursue innovative technology to develop cures for people with serious and life-threatening diseases.

In addition, Jinwei has established partnership with the Huashan Hospital to develop leading edge therapies for various cancers such as liver and prostate cancersas well as infectious diseases such as HBV and Tuberculosis.

What We Do

With Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Neoantigen Immunotherapy for Cancer

    We develop leading edge therapies for various cancers by combining next-generation In-silico Neoantigen Identification Methods with Built-in lentiviral vector-based platform.

  • Drugs for Infectious Diseases

    As participant in projects led by the Ministry of Science & Technology and China National Health Commission, we actively contribute to the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

  • CDMO

    As a CDMO, we offer effective solutions from clinical trials to commercialization, as well as delivery of safe and reliable viral vectors to accommodate our customers' needs.

"In silico" refers to the research method using computer; "Neoantigen" refers to the new antigen produced by tumor cells.