GMP Manufacturing

Jinwei provide full support from research development to large-scale production.


Jinwei has made significant investments in designing, constructing and equipping our facility located in the International Medical Park in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang High-tech Park

With state-of-the-art laboratory and large-scale GMP production capacity, the facility spreads across 1600 square meters of surface area, and is dedicated to provide process and analytical methods development, full GMP production, with USP and DSP, Fill & Finish, Quality Control & Quality Assurance and regulatory support.

Our comprehensive cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) gene therapy services include manufacturing of lentiviral vectors for both in-vivo and ex-vivo applications. All material is produced in accordance to major regulation authorities (FDA, EMA, CFDA and etc.).


Our Research and Development Laboratory located in  Zhangjiang Medicine Valley, Shanghaiwas specifically designed for small-scale and medium-scale lentiviral vector optimization.

The laboratory is approximately 500 sqm and compliant with BSL-2 requirements. With 2 rooms dedicated to bioproduction, a dedicated QC area and a dedicated PCR area, it is specifically designed for preclinical studies, process optimization and development.